about us

Founded by Kristina McLeod and Victoria Maresca, two friends living in Brooklyn, NY.

Introducing premium poor, a lifestyle brand that captures the essence of navigating the challenges of modern middle-class living. We live in a world where success is measured by financial stability and our choices. Premium poor speaks to people who find themselves straddling the line between comfort and constraint.

We recognize that financial decisions are a constant juggle. Have you thought about the allure of luxury vacations? Purchased designer names funded by credit cards? Chosen quality over quantity items at premium-priced grocery stores like Whole Foods? We feel you and we got you!

Premium poor is a celebration of the paradoxes inherent in today’s middle-class society.

We embody the occasional credit card debt and acknowledge that some compromises must be made to prioritize happiness and overall well-being.

So, join us who welcome the premium poor ethos – a community that is navigating the ebbs and flows of middle-class life with humor, resilience, and living life on our own terms. After all, being Premium Poor is not just a label; it's a lifestyle that we strongly embrace.